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Thursday, August 12 & Friday, August 13, 2021 

Thursday, October 21 & Friday, October 22, 2021

Stuck on your marketing strategy? We get it, and we're here to help with a one-on-one session, designed for creative small business owners who are looking for clarity and direction on their marketing efforts.


Here's how The Roadmap works:


  1. We'll sit down together on our scheduled date to explore where you are, where you've been, and where you want to go with your business. We'll dive into topics that will uncover hidden opportunities for your marketing and get you thinking about reaching your audience in new ways.

  2. After our time together, our team will go behind-the-scenes and develop your custom Roadmap that will provide clarity on where you need to be putting your marketing efforts and an outline of the action steps to get there.

  3. We'll meet again via Zoom within 10 days for a walk-through of your Roadmap.


  • You're a creative small business owner who needs help with marketing. Here's more about who we work with.

  • You have been throwing out social media posts, emails, mailers, and more to attract your customers or clients, but it's just not working.

  • You want a clear plan with the ability to carry it out yourself to save on budget.

Still not sure if this is right for you? Let's schedule a quick call to talk more and see if we're a good fit.


What areas of Pittsburgh are available for meetings?

Unlike most other cities that we travel to, we have much more flexibility to visit clients in a wider area of Pittsburgh. Whether you're located in Downtown, North Park, or the Alle-Kiski Valley (hi, mom!), we will cross as many bridges as it takes to get to you. Simply book your date and time from the selections listed below* and we'll meet you on your side of whatever river you're on.

What happens after I book my session?

We'll give you a call to introduce ourselves, confirm our scheduled date and time, and answer any questions you have about the process. If there is any information we need to gather before we get started, this is when we'll do it.

Where will we meet?

If you have an office location or storefront, we prefer to meet at your location* so that we can get the best experience of your brand possible. If you work remotely, we'll meet instead at a local coworking space.


What's the cost?

The cost of the in-person session is $1,450 - the same exact price you'd pay to do the session on Zoom. And, as always, the cost of The Roadmap is applied to The Journey if you decide to move forward. Read more about how we can avoid charging you travel fees here

I want a time or date that's not listed, can you accommodate?

We may already be booked during the time or date that you were considering. Contact us with the date, time, and location you were shooting for, and let's see if we can work it out!

What are the precautions you're taking during the pandemic?

We're bound by all health-related rules and regulations set by the city and the establishment that we're meeting in.


*Depending on your location in the Greater Pittsburgh. area, times may need to be adjusted slightly from the times displayed on the booking page in order to accommodate for distance and traffic. 


Sessions are limited, don't wait to book!

Thurs., August 12

9 a.m. EST

12 p.m. EST

3 p.m. EST

Fri., August 13

9 a.m. EST

12 p.m. EST

3 p.m. EST

Thurs., October 21

9 a.m. EST

12 p.m. EST

3 p.m. EST

Fri., October 22

9 a.m. EST

12 p.m. EST

3 p.m. EST

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