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218 Creative is founded and led by Justina Cerra Lucas, a marketing professional by day and cat mom by night. With over a decade of experience in marketing across industries ranging from nonprofit to Hollywood entertainment and everywhere in between, she found that her favorite people to work with are other creative small business owners. She's been around long enough to bring thoughtful strategy to the table and knows that marketing doesn't necessarily have to be complicated in order for it to be successful. Empowering others to be able to carry out their marketing confidently is her jam.

Although she is called "BossStina" (by literally only one person, but maybe it will become a thing?), she can't do it all. When it comes to clients who need more specific expertise or a little extra hands-on work, she works with a team of trusted collaborators to get the job done. As part of the creative community right alongside you, we know that collaboration is what makes our work the most powerful. 


218 Creative is a boutique marketing consultancy designed to help creatives and entrepreneurs with marketing that books clients and doesn't suck to manage.

We help you determine where you need to go with your marketing, develop a clear roadmap to get there, and set you up for a successful journey by giving you the tools you need with a strong foundation. Then, we train you on how to run with it for the long haul... all in 30 days or less. It's that simple.


Our ultimate goal is to help you beat the overwhelm of marketing as a creative small business owner. We're ready to jump for joy right beside you in your success. 


Many smaller teams don't have a marketing professional in-house or aren't financially prepared to shoulder the month-to-month costs of a traditional marketing agency retainer, so we help them navigate the process, simplify to what they truly need, and get them going quickly with marketing solutions that will 


Hands-on creative approach.

We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty in the creative process. We seek out unique ways to communicate your mission, crafting solutions that help you stand out.

Passion across the board.

As part of the creative community, you can trust us when we say that our hearts are truly set on the success of our work with you.

Charismatic personality.

We believe that bringing enthusiasm to the table changes the outcome of a project completely. We strive to light up your mission and bring it life.

Exceptional two-way communication.

With welcomed discussion and listening ears on both ends, we create a positive environment for open conversation. When we communicate together, we succeed together.

Genuine kindness.

Everything we do is based upon a foundation of kindness. We keep an open mind to the opinions and thoughts of others and handle bumps in the road with respect and patience.

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