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218 Creative is a boutique marketing consultancy designed to help small hospitality brands with marketing that attracts and books their ideal guests.

We strategically help you determine where you need to go with your marketing, develop a clear plan to get there, and set you up for success by giving you the strong foundation you need to get started. Then, we train you on how to run with it for the long haul... all in 30 days or less. It's that simple.


Our ultimate goal is to help you beat the overwhelming information out there about marketing, and focus on the unique plan that you need to reach your unique goals. And, we're ready to jump for joy right beside you in your success. 


Many smaller teams don't have a marketing professional in-house or aren't financially prepared to shoulder the month-to-month costs of a traditional marketing agency retainer. That's why we help them navigate the process, simplify down to only what they truly need, and get them going quickly with marketing solutions that will help them reach their goals.



218 Creative is founded and led by Justina Cerra Lucas, a marketing professional by day and cocktail sipper by night. With over 15 years of experience in hospitality and marketing from coast to coast, she's found that her favorite people to work with are those in the travel, event, and hospitality industries who give unforgettable experiences to their own clients and guests.


Justina uses her knowledge of the front and back of house operations and combines it with her roots in thoughtful marketing strategy to bring success to her clients. And, just like a great experience, she knows that marketing doesn't necessarily have to be complicated to be successful. Empowering others to be able to carry out their marketing confidently is her favorite thing on the menu.

When it comes to clients who need more specific expertise, captivating photography, or a little extra hands-on work for ongoing projects or upcoming launches, Justina collaborates with a team of trusted experts to get the job done. As part of a passionate creative community right alongside you, we know that collaboration is what makes our work the most powerful. 

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