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Know someone who would benefit from 218 Creative's services? Send them our way and we'll send you and your referral a little somethin' somethin' from our friends over at Snack Magic to say thank you!


Your gift will include approximately 20 different uniquely curated treats to keep you fueled for all your hard work in being awesome, as well as a few 218 Creative branded swag items.

Here's how to participate:

  1. Get the wheels turning, thinking about who you'd like to send our way. From designers to photographers to creators of all kinds, we work with a variety of people. Need a little inspiration? Here's a shortlist of titles that have come across our inbox.

  2. Send us a message to let us know who you've shared our services with. We know sometimes it's hard to make the first move when you're a busy professional, so we can follow up with them if they don't reach out. 

  3. We'll be in touch via email once they book a service with us. Be sure to give us your best email address (not your coupon spam one) and keep an eye out for a custom link from Snack Magic to redeem your gift!*


Your audience is worth $$, and it's about time you got paid for it. If you're a company, business, or freelancer who is ready to open up your network to our services, let's chat! Book a call with Justina and let's get that cash rolling into your pocket.

*Referral gifts will be sent to referring partners only after a client has booked a session with 218 Creative and has paid for the service in full. Clients will receive their gift only after their service has been completed. Referring partners must provide their email address and the information of the referred individual in order to be eligible for their gift. By providing the referred individual's contact information, you are giving 218 Creative permission to reach out to this person. This outreach may or may not include your name as a reference to how they were referred to 218 Creative. 218 Creative is not affiliated with Snack Magic. Gifts are sent via the Snack Magic portal and must be redeemed within 30 days of receiving the link. By redeeming your gift, you acknowledge that the personal information provided to Snack Magic is being utilized as described in their website's terms and conditions. 218 Creative is not liable or responsible for any errors or problems with shipping, mishandling of personal information, illnesses or injuries that may be caused by Snack Magic products, or other issues that may arise. Approximate retail value per gift is $75. This program may change or end at any time with or without notice to referring partners.


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