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When I tell people that I founded 218 Creative, they often ask for the story behind it. Telling stories is an important part of marketing, so I thought I’d share ours with you here. 


My grandfather started a plumbing company in the 70’s in Pittsburgh. It’s a demanding job, and he often spends nights and weekends at his desk to get work done. He taught me at an early age the value of small businesses and the families behind them, the value of hard work, and that postage stamps are NOT to be used as stickers for play (oops).  


Because of how much time my grandfather spends at work, I never thought I wanted to run a small business myself. I had horrible anxiety as a teen, and the idea of being in charge of something so important terrified me. But after 1,509 days (who’s counting?) surrounded by carpeted cubicle walls at my last full-time marketing job, I left the security of my reliable paycheck to consider other options.


Working on the same dry marketing assignments day in and day out was zapping the energy out of me. When I tried to discuss new ideas, the response was always to “just do it how it’s always been done.” We were barely meeting our goals, so I couldn’t understand why my colleagues were hesitant to welcome suggestions to the table. And, if someone microwaved fish in the communal microwave one more time, I swear I was going to lose my mind.


I craved to be surrounded by projects that sparked inspiration and teammates with open minds to thinking outside the box. I wanted to work with people who valued collaboration and innovation. So, I created the job that ticked all those boxes.


At 218, we cheer on the small fry instead of just chasing after the big dogs. We say “yes” when others say “no.” We seek out creative angles to solve challenges. We live for big and bold personalities, we're not afraid to laugh, and we're always opening our ears, eyes, and minds to new ideas to support our clients as we tell their story to the world.


To sum it up, 218 Creative exists to tell the stories of small teams like my grandfather’s. He still runs that plumbing business today, and is probably sitting at his desk preparing to help his next customer as you read this, unknowingly continuing to write his business's story.


To every small business owner, small team, and solopreneur who has trusted 218 with your story through our work together… you’ll never know what an honor it is to have you as part of our story. And if you're new to 218, welcome to chapter one, and welcome to our family.

Justina Cerra Lucas

Director, 218 Creative


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