When I tell people about 218 Creative, they often ask for the story behind it. To be truthful, it all started with never, ever wanting to own my own business.


My grandfather started a plumbing company in the ’70s in Pittsburgh. It’s a demanding profession, and when he's not on the job he can be found working nights and weekends at his desk. Seeing him carry the responsibility of an entire business seemed like an overwhelming position I never wanted to commit myself to. But after working on the same dry projects day in and day out at my last marketing job, I was ready to revisit this crazy idea.

During the first years of 218 Creative, working with small business owners opened the door to a deeper understanding of the overwhelm that they face not only with time restrictions, but with budget constraints, too. And when March 2020 hit, the pressure of those restrictions became even more severe. Even though the future became uncertain, it was at this time that our client base didn't shrink... it expanded rapidly.

Small business owners trusted 218 Creative during a global pandemic because they didn't need an agency that would take over the job of their marketing behind closed doors in exchange for a fat invoice month after month. Instead, they needed someone who could give them a customized roadmap to success. They needed a partner in their journey and the comfort of knowing that when it came time for us to part ways, they'd have the tools they need to continue down the road confidently on their own.


I connect with creative small business owners and understand what they need because I AM a creative small business owner. I have experienced their same struggles and triumphs not only in my own business but also through walking alongside others on their own journeys.

To sum it up, I built 218 Creative because my grandfather taught me the value of small businesses. And now that I'm in the position to help them get rid of a part of the overwhelm that scared me away from that role at first, I can't imagine a job doing anything else.

To every small business owner, small team, and solopreneur who has trusted 218 with your journey through our work together… you’ll never know what an honor it is to have you as part of our journey. And if you're new to 218, welcome to the adventure.

Justina Cerra Lucas

Director, 218 Creative