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A Letter from Our Founder on #SmallBusinessSaturday

Today is Small Business Saturday, the most absolute important day of the year for not just 218 Creative, but millions of other small businesses across the country.

I grew up in small business. My grandfather created his own plumbing company in Pittsburgh back in the 70’s, providing service to thousands of people throughout the city over the years and jobs to dozens of others. I remember spinning on the desk chair in his office as a child, absorbing information about invoicing, scheduling, and the fact that postage stamps are NOT to be used as stickers for play (oops). That business is still running under his leadership, and I doubt that he will be quitting anytime soon at 72 years young.

Me and Pap, 1990

The majority of my other family members also work for or own small and family-owned businesses, from auto body centers to doctors’ offices to pizza shops. I’m proud to have friends who have quit their nine-to-five jobs to become thriving independent photographers and pastry chefs. From all their experiences, I understand that when you are invested in a company of that size, there is something really special knowing that someone chose to support your dream when they place their credit card in your hands to make a purchase.

I know about the good days… the days that end with an ecstatically raving customer, the holidays that end with your biggest sales to date, the times where someone recognizes your name from a local news feature. I also know about the not-so-good days… the weekend and evening hours spent hunched over a desk, the times you’ve sacrificed paying yourself to pay your team, the nights you spend laying awake wondering if it will always be this hard.

That’s why I built an agency dedicated to small businesses. Whether we are related or not, at 218 Creative, you are our family. You are my family.

This year on Small Business Saturday, know that I am on your side. Me and my team are cheering you on and jumping for joy right beside you with every milestone you meet, no matter how small. We’re here for you and your dreams.

Please don’t be shy about telling me how I can support you. You can always drop me a line here on the website, or email us at hello (at)

Thank you for being part of our family. Happy holidays, from your biggest fan.

Justina Cerra Lucas, 218 Creative Director

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