Once you know where you're going and how to get there, The Journey begins. We use The Roadmap to execute the foundation for your marketing.

Who It's For

The Journey is for creative small business owners who have finished The Roadmap and want to have someone else take the wheel of setting the foundation for successful marketing.

The Process

We take the customized action steps we recommended to you and check them off the list. Rewrite your website copy for your audience? Check. Brand photoshoot for marketing collateral? Check. Develop your content pillars for social media? Check. But most importantly, we give you the training you need on how to carry it out on your own in the future.

The Timeline

We know you don't have forever, and every day without this work completed is an opportunity missed. We get right down to business with the goal of closing out our work together in 30 days or less. When we walk away, you'll have the tools you need to continue doing your marketing with confidence and success.



For clients who need the fundamentals. We implement the action steps recommended in The Roadmap, which often includes adjusted website content, an easy-to-execute social media strategy, basic email marketing strategy and setup, and other touchpoints that will help your clients clearly understand the value of working with you and say YES to your services.


For clients who need a little extra hands-on support. This typically includes The Roadmap deliverables plus other specialty needs, such as the creation of a website, the design of printed collateral, or strategy surrounding a campaign.

This is our most popular package, as it fulfills the needs of most of the clients we work with.

We go big or go home on this package. This is for the creative small business owner that is ready for a total marketing overhaul, making it a great fit for rebrands. The Adventure typically includes The Excursion deliverables and other bigger needs, such as a more in-depth website, photoshoot, video content development, or the planning of an event.




$19,950 - $25,950*

*Previous payment from The Roadmap is applied to the cost of each of these packages.

Hannah, Owner of Sunflower Baking Co.

The Roadmap was so insightful! Justina was able to help me find a better way to segment my email list and suggested other simple tweaks that I hadn't even considered to my other marketing efforts. It really helped me stand out from the crowd and book more customers during the competitive holiday season. I was surprised by how much we accomplished in just 90 minutes together!