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A 90-minute video chat session that allows you to ask all the questions you have on how to boost your small business's marketing. This session gives fresh insights, brings our creative thinking and strategic expertise to the table, and helps you think outside the box to solve your marketing and communication challenges.

Who it's for

Small business owners and marketing directors of small teams who are looking for general advice or a sounding board on their marketing and communications efforts.

What you get

You get what you need from this session, since it's customized to answer YOUR questions. Whether it's a roadmap for a holiday marketing campaign, advice on how to get started on social media, or tips on maximizing your email list, you'll walk out with an action plan that works for you.

How often to do it

These sessions are designed for you to use them as frequently as you'd like, whether it's a one-time discussion of general marketing advice or a quarterly appointment that focuses on your seasonal marketing efforts. 

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Hannah, Owner of Sunflower Baking Co.

The Ask Me Anything session was so insightful! The team at 218 Creative was able to help me find a better way to segment my email list and suggested a few tweaks to my other marketing efforts that will help me stand out from the crowd as we get into the busy holiday season. I was surprised of how much we accomplished in just 90 minutes together!

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